About Dr Persephone Burleton, Ph.D

During the last 20 years, I have taught and built confidence in thousands of students ranging from Year 2 to A-Level and adult learners. I have recently been named ‘Best of Tutors.com 2020’.

I specialise in preparing students for GCSEs and A-Level exams. My tuition sessions go beyond the scope of regular tuition, as I also incorporate proven techniques that enhance study skills and memory retention, reduce procrastination tendencies and reduce test anxiety and daily stresses.

I am an approved Tuition Partner for the National Tutoring Programme (NTP) that was initiated by the government to support pupils due to the disruption of learning caused by the pandemic.



Online tuition is performed through an interactive whiteboard that enables many advantages over in-person tuition.

Past papers, images and diagrams are all available quickly for use throughout each session. The interactive white-board also enables notes to be created and organised neatly with colours and saved as PDF files.

At home


Private tuition is typically held at the student's home. If the student prefers, or if they live outside of the Eastbourne area, private tuition can be held online.

Online Groups

Group tuition is perfect for those who prefer to have tuition with their friends or benefit from learning in a group setting.

At a reduced cost per student, tuition can be held in an online group of two to four students.

Subjects Covered


  • Keystage 1–3
  • GCSE / iGCSE
  • A-Level
  • American SAT / ACT
  • Test Preparation
  • Adult Learning / QTS


  • Keystage 1–3
  • GCSE / iGCSE
  • American ACT
  • PGCE
  • Test Preparation
  • Adult Learning


  • Keystage 1–3
  • GCSE / iGCSE
  • American SAT
  • American ACT
  • Test Preparation
  • Essay Writing

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